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Hello everyone! I have been lurking for awhile, learning as much as I can from all of the posts everyone so kindly share on this website. Thank you all so much for taking the time to connect. I have not felt I have had anything to contribute, and I have been able to search out answers to my questions in archives. Today, I have run up against an issue that I can not seem to resolve on my own, and any input would be greatly appreciated from the forum.

I recently took an assignment with Intelli-shop That were recorded telephone calls. They were a group of six calls and the posting stated I needed to complete all six to receive payment. I performed all of them as scheduled, one call was to a disconnected number. I tried to get the call to record on 3 separate occasions, but the system would not record for some reason. I emailed the scheduler and two other people at Intellishop, one responded for me to close the shop with an explanation, but never responded to my emails asking how I could do that since the recording did not record. I subsequently emailed at least 3 times, called Christmas Eve and was able to get an operator to pick up and then I was put into voice mail, where I left a message and never received a call back. I just checked my job log where I was given a 1 on the shops for not responding to the proofreader's email, and I have looked everywhere for that email and can't find it. I received emails on all of the other shops, they all came to my inbox, not my spam. I have tried and tried to get through the automated system to talk to someone at Intellishop, and after 20 minutes and 6 calls and 2 voice mails, I give up.

My question, does anyone have any idea how I can get past the automation to speak to someone at Intellishop? I have sent 6 emails to 3 different people, receiving responses to every one that my email is important to them and they will respond within 24 hours.Never heard from anyone. I left 2 voice mails that promised to get back to me, and tried to email the proofreader mailbox, and it bounced back as undeliverable. I am out of ideas. I am hoping someone might be able to direct me to a way I can speak to someone to resolve this. I would not be so concerned if it was just the one shop, but it appears payment could be in jeopardy for all of them.

Thanks again for the wealth of wisdom you all share on this forum.


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I kept trying during daytime hours and finally, after an operator answered, I said it was imperative that I speak to someone, anyone, because the original scheduler would not return any of my numerous emails and voice mails. The operator did put someone else on the phone and within a couple hours, my problem was resolved. Too bad, because the original scheduler, Heather, continually has jobs in my area, but I refuse to even apply. sad smiley

At another company, after being repeatedly ignored, I called the 800 number, pretended to be a new client (not a shopper) and was able to speak to someone immediately.

It's so frustrating.....I really hope you can get your situation resolved and I'm sure you'll receive additional advice from seasoned members here. GOOD LUCK!
Hi Pippa,
Thanks for sharing! I finally found another number to call that was answered! I spoke at length to the person that answered the phone,she wanted to put me into voice mail and I simply wouldn't let her. I gave her the entire story and she promised to speak with the schedulers on my behalf. I still haven't received a voice mail or email from anyone, but my shop log says the shop has been received now, so someone did something. She said I would have to live with the lousy score of 1, but all of my other scores had been high, so not to worry. I now will wait to see how these are paid, and hopefully all will end well.

I guess I chalk it up to a lesson learned and keep moving forward. Thanks again for your response! Today, it occurred to me i wanted nothing more than the opportunity to shop the shopping company!!

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