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Anyone having problems with this company's website? I accepted a shop with a due date of yesterday. I could not access the guidelines or questionnaire. I emailed the scheduler and she sent downloads of both. I completed the shop, but now I still can access the questionnaire to submit it. I have emailed, but being the weekend, have not received a reply. My instincts tell me to complete the printed form and email it to the contact email that I have. Any other suggestions? Anyone else with this problem?

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I was on the website earlier and it was acting sketchy. I had to access it from a different point that the usual log-in to begin with. Then searching for assignments became sporadic. I'd look in one state and find nothing, go onto another and find nothing, then go back to the original state and find an available assignment.

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The scheduler got back to me and after following a couple of her suggestions that did not work, I tried changing to different browsers and finally got in using IE. She did tell me yesterday or Thursday, when I could not get the questionnaire that the site was having problems. That is the reason she had to email me the forms to start with.
I was wondering if they closed! Looked a couple of weeks ago for assignments and there were only a few whereas there used to be a ton in my area. I emailed a scheduler about it, but never got a reply. Tried to log into the site today, but just got error messages. At least it seems some have made contact. But I wonder what's going on with them lately?
Still unable to access available assignments. I emailed, but got no reply. I called, but was on hold listening to 'high call volume' recordings for about 20 minutes and gave up. I posted the problem to their FaceBook page and got a reply to contact "Sjones" by email. I did. No reply. Today I emailed another scheduler. At least her extension was still active, which was reassuring. Now to wait to see if she'll get back to me. Hate to give up on SEC, but all this time spent trying to get access is unproductive. Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem.
I did not have any problem submitting my report this afternoon. I also picked up a spa shop for next month. Maybe you're using their old website?

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