I have applied for a few jobs from them. The first job, I got a response from quickly that I had been awarded the job. I have since applied for 3 more jobs from them, but two of the jobs sat in pending for 3 days then finally dropped off, and the 3rd job still says pending, even though I applied for it almost 5 days ago. If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow, I'll attempt calling a scheduler. Are they normally slow to assign jobs?

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I have always been awarded quickly, with the exception of dining. Those sometimes take 24 hours for notification. Now, if you don't get chosen/assigned, you are supposed to receive an email saying the shop was "closed".

Check your spam box maybe?
If you do the car shops, prepare to be very frustrated. I think they're one of the companies that take 60 days to pay, if I'm not mistaken. So, in my opinion, no big loss.
I have always been awarded quickly.

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I have received closed e-mail notifications for a couple I tried for, and one that I did receive an e-mail on that was closed still appeared as pending. I noticed the due date on the one was changed, so now it's not due tomorrow, but is still pending. I guess I'm spoiled by the instant gratification of Market Force smiling smiley
I have completed various assignments for Intellishop and sometimes they award them quickly but sometimes there is a wait. I have gotten emails that the shop was assigned to someone else. I have found the car shops reports to be frustrating, and not worth the pay when considering the time it takes.
I have been doing assignments with IntelliShop since I started MSing; I just had this critique from an editor, who on one hand said not to write a long narrative and then immediately after stated it was not long enough. Go figure. I still believe it may be a control thing with some editors. Not all editors. . .but definitely some editors. In addition, it is only with a particular assignment that I do. It is a job never picked up right away, pays good so I always wait to take it.
Yeah, I think it is up to the scheduler: how busy they are , might be sick etc. I suggest if it is in pending for 2 0r 3 days you cancel and reapply if it pops back up. All Mscs do not consistently send "closed" emails. Be vigilant.
Guess it's not just intellishop, as I'm having the same issue with another company and they just sent an e-mail out about it again.
Yes, MCP is stalling out on approving/declining assignment requests as well. Some have been in limbo for over a week and a half now, yet they are still posting email announcements about these same jobs.

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