I am curious of your thoughts on the Intelli Shop editors. I have submitted 2 reports with them. The first I was given an 8. I kind of question that, but ok. I didn't save the report to look back on. This time, I did save the report. I was given a 9 on this one. The score is fine; it's the comments that are frustrating. The comments were that 1 point was deducted for minor spelling errors and changes to sentence structure. I would have been fine if it just commented on sentence structure. While they were correct, everyone has different opinions on this. I know there were NO spelling errors. I run all of my text through a spelling and grammar checker prior to submitting them. Along with running it through the checker, I reread it several times. Sometimes you can mean one thing and type something else that is still a word so it would not be caught. Is this just how they grade, or am I being overly sensitive?


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Simple answer blunt answer
From one Msc to the next they have no clue about your reports. Your getting paid.
If a ridiculous meaning less number that has no effect on your getting paid is going to bother you than this line of work is not for you. eye rolling smiley
I got a 1 and didn't get paid. Visited a store that specified it only be shopped on Tuesday after 3:00PM. I put down 11:00 AM even though I had the required photo time stamped at 4:05 PM. I immediately emailed the editor and told her that I goofed on the input of time and actually did perform it at 4:00. I heard nothing and 2 days later I got reviewed and the comment simply stated that I shopped before 3 PM and the score was "1".

This was 2 months ago and I figured I'd never get an after 3 :00 PM shop again but I applied yesterday and was accepted, BUTTTTTT I didn't get acceptance until 11:18 AM TODAY it has to be shopped TODAY, and since I'm in sales I was on the other side of the state and didn't read my email until I got home at 5 :15.

This is as venty as I get, I don;t get paid I move on, I goof, I move on. Freeman screws me I move on
I didn't mean to imply that it bothered me that much. I guess I just couldn't figure out what they are looking for. I look at it as if it's less than a 10 then something is wrong and I should correct that. But, like notmyname said, I guess it's still a good score and included what they wanted. I just wish they would tell me what was wrong so I could be sure to correct it for next time.

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This Msc is well known for giving deductions that have no concept to reality. As long as you get paid, ignore the editors. A requirement to be an editor at this Msc is to have no touch with reality and have a spelling dictionary the rest of the world does not use.
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