Trendsource lack of advance info=not for me

Yesterday I received an email from Trendsource about what they called a "revealed audit" but the info provided was pretty sketchy.
From the info provided I knew the was pay $7 and I knew I was take a picture or multiple pictures of a certain display (name of display was given) inside a well known chain (name of store was given) The time required was estimated 20-30 minutes.
I was tempted to accept as it is on the way to other places I shop but because the pay was so low I really wanted to know more details as I have dealt with this company before and found some of their reports time consuming and quite detailed.
I applied for the shop and received an email that my application had been accepted. The email however contained a link to the shop page where I had to confirm or decline the assignment. The email also stated that all details would be furnished on that page but that was not the case. The only details were the same ones as in the original email.
I hesitated over the confirm button as I read the dire warnings about how I was making a commitment and how I would be dealt with harshly (just kidding about that last part) if I didn't follow through. I figured that it was a one sided commitment and I would pass so I declined. You were then presented with a "give a reason" for declining which listed about 6-8 reasons none of which applied.

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Yeah I was probably being too cautious. I'm very leery of the low paying shops in the first place and especially when they are short on the details
I had a similar type assignment for another company and it was described exactly prior to acceptance. Check yes or no on whether 8 items were present on a certain display, take one picture of the entire display. Done. Paid twice as much though.
Yeah...I don't go to take that shop, but if I'm in the store next door, it's nothing to walk over and check off a few things.
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I have never done a shop for them for the simple reason everything they offer is also offered by other MSC at higher fees.
One shop they offer in my area they offer $17.50 when the two other MSC offer at $42.50.
Karen IL Wrote:
> Yeah...I don't go to take that shop, but if I'm in
> the store next door, it's nothing to walk over and
> check off a few things.

Huh. I'll actually be next door to one of these next week. I had passed over the shop, thinking that $7 probably wouldn't be worth getting out of the car, but if it's really that easy, I suppose I'll give it a shot, since I'll be there anyway. Might as well get a little gas money, right?

Thanks for the motivation. winking smiley
TrendSource is one of my favorite MSCs. I love the on-site inspections-they pay good, and offer gas if it's far away. I'm doing two this coming week and including about 10 other shops on the route. A great way for my wife and me to spend a day off from my real work and make about $180.
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