Any one had problems entering reports for Intellishop?
Using 'mid night' oil last night, I was down to the last two narrative/comparisons, when all of a sudden, whammo! all the information I had worked hours on vanished. I had saved it multiple times. I have tried to retrieve it to no avail.
Any ideas anyone?

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I sent in 2 yesterday, late afternoon and it went ok. Sorry to hear that.

What I do is print what I've done and that way, if something goes wrong, I have the information in front of me.
I have done over 30 shops for them and never had a problem. Once you save it the report is stored in their database. Maybe their computer system was down. have you tried it lately.
Cruise, I don't know if Intellishop is a prophet company, but that platform was taken down last night around 2 a.m. for maintenance. You may have been caught up in that shutdown.

When I'm working on long and detailed narratives, I write and save them in Word and then paste into the report. If I lose them in the report, I've still got my work in Word that I can paste in again. That's saved my bacon more than once.

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Intellishop is Sassie.

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I never rely on the "save" feature of Sassie or any other web site, if they have one. I save all my reports on Roboform, no cutting and pasting involved. Roboform works very well with Sassie shops. I also have a Sassie application saved so if I ever sign up for another company that uses it, I can fill out that application with the click of the button and then just tweak any fields that happen to be different from my saved Sassie application, if any.
Thanks everyone. I learned a valuable lesson, that is to save my work in as a retrievable document.
Evidently, I got hit in their 'down time'. I was able to enter the information the next day.
A memorable lesson.
Biggest problem I have is getting them to return my e-mails.

Big Ed

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Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
Big Ed,
I'll be watching for you in those shopping areas. ha!

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