Beyond Hello Rating delay

I did a Beyond Hello shop last Saturday and haven't gotten a rating yet. The previous shop that I did for them was rated within 2 days. Anyone have experience with delays from them?


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I did my first shop for them last Thursday and I just got my review today, so it took 9 days! Since this was my first shop I cannot say if this is usual behavior for them or just a fluke, but everything was fine with my shop-no questions or issues and I got a rating of 10.
Ok, thanks! I got nervous when the first review was so fast and this 2nd one seems to be taking a while. I'll just be a little more patient. smiling smiley
The problem with the delayed ratings is if they want/need more information, it's difficult to recall that long ago.

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LOL I did a eyeglass kiosk shop for them recently and am still waiting on my score.....good to know that I am not alone in this.
Yeah they as all schedulers have to wait for editing, etc. I suggest that you not worry about ratings otherwise your head will explode. Most of the time it is not important. As long as your shop is accepted and paid just chill.
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I performed my last shop for them on 5/30 also and received my score a couple of days ago. I guess one of the posters above is right, what matters is that the shop is accepted and we get paid, but it's still nice to get a high score and know that I am doing quality work.
I don't even pay attention to my ratings unless I happen to get an email about one. I save them in a folder so I can read through them if I ever get a really bad one, just to remind myself that most of the time I do very well.

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