Anyone else notice when you log into the Maritz site today it says Capella Mystery Shopping in the upper left corner?

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Hello, I am new to any forum and mystery shopping I live in GA, Duluth/Lawrenceville area. I am currently in the market of looking for some part-time work in the shopping and survey area. Someone recommend this site to me. Any help someone could give me in the area I should look and what to expect would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, Rebecca! Welcome. If you scroll down the page, you'll see a link for a list of mystery shopping companies. Start signing up with different companies, and you'll be out in the field before you know it. Also, be sure to check out the New Mystery Shoppers area, also found in a link below.

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shopgirl05 Wrote:
> Does anyone know what the purpose is in why
> Capella asks for Car insurance forms?

I don't know how many states besides California require you to be insured to drive legally, but I would assume that, if they're asking you to do a shop that demands driving a car, they want to know that they aren't asking you to break the law.
I think most require some type of liability coverage at the very least.

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I always have had to provide proof of liability insurance with the amounts to all MSC's and merchandising companies that I wished to work with.
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