Having trouble contacting Beyond Hello?

I will be traveling by air next week and would like to accept a shop from Beyond Hello that is constantly on their board and seems to be difficult for them to schedule. I have emailed them and called them alerting them to the fact that I would be available for the shop but for one day beyond the listed due date. The due date keeps moving into the future with the same shop but I do not want to wait until the morning I fly out to see my date appear. So far no one has answered my email or my call. Does anyone know how to contact them aside from the contact email form or the phone number listed? I have gotten a 10 on every shop I have done for them aside from the last one where I got a 9 and the editor wrote it is nearly impossible to get a 10 from them in the comments.

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SandyF, they have become notorious for not answering or scheduling. I have been wanting to do a shop, and had the
same problem, I finally gave up on them. I do think they play favorites, and my rating is also a 10, go figure....

Live consciously....
I am also having issues with contacting them. I had a shop on Friday (7/19), but the store was closed for renovations. I emailed the scheduler immediately via their online form and did not hear back. I took several photos of the exterior and of the renovation permits which clearly show the address, and emailed them to the scheduler that night. I still have not heard back. I ended up filling out the report with all required sentences being "The shop was closed for renovations." I submitted the shop with a note about how I emailed twice and did not hear back.
I really hope I get paid for this one as it was quite a bit out of my way. I also really hope I don't get dinged because my shop report was late- I was waiting to hear back for guidance, though. Hopefully the editor will reach out to me and let me know what to do. I've never had an issue with them before and have liked my previous experiences shopping for them, so I really hope this is just a one-time issue!
I just heard back today as well. Evidently Greg from Beyond Hello reads the forum and sent me a message today, one day before I am flying so I had given up on the airport job! and then I heard from him. It's all set for tomorrow and he was very nice.
I just added them to my roster of companies and was wondering why no one ever responds or assigns. I like to try out a few new companies, then decide which are keepers. So, I guess I'll wait to hear from someone.
Did my airport shop today and it was really easy. The spot was directly in front of the gate I arrived at so I had to walk about 10 feet. I am wondering what to charge for mileage against my expenses on my taxes...Let's see, 10 feet at around 55.5 cents per mile. Any math whizzes out there?. And having left my house in the before dawn dark for the airport it was really nice to get that wonderful drink for free at the airport plus a fee as well. I was assigned to their "April" shop as I guess they are that backed up on these. So why did they never respond to my emails or calls? I gather the way to get their attention is to write something on the forum. But my advice if you need to contact them with a question about a particular job is you call their 800# and ask for Greg. Don't just leave a general message in the mailbox but go to his message box. He was very receptive.
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