Intellishop Hotel

Hi has anyone done any hotel shops for this company and if so how is the report. Thank you for any information.

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I have never ever seen a Hotel with them.....dealerships, senior residences, and a FF.

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The report is actually pretty easy, especially for the rather large budget that they give you. A whole bunch of multiple choice questions and about 7 short narratives.
Thanks. Around here they have had a couple boutique hotels I would love to visit and now it sounds worthwhile. With my luck they are also finished shopping them for the year, lol!

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CAscotch Wrote:
> I used to see them but I have been having trouble
> looking for shops with the new search function.

I hate their new search function.
Ooh I know this search function and why??? So hard to see where you really want to see. Don't like it at all. And Lisa...the shops I am pretty sure you are looking for in your area are done monthly and come out right around the first of the month. Sometimes they are up a few days before and sometimes a few later.

I love the new search function. See the fee right away instead of having to click on each one
Tip for the new search engine: Do not put in a job type, put in the radius you are willing to travel, and hit enter. If you want to see the entire state for some reason then put in a radius of 500 miles, that will usually cover it.

Every job will then pop up, organized by shop and then alphabetically by city.
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