Oh Intelli-shop, when will you ever learn?

Today I received an e-mail from Intelli-shop asking for help on a car dealership stating that "the shop pay listed below is a special email offer that is higher than what you will find on our job board."

Normally I avoid auto dealerships but I thought maybe it would be a bonus that would be worth my while. I scroll down and in bold, red font highlighted in yellow it reads....


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Funny but how??? How could someone actually send out that email? Brain-fingers disconnect?
Well....it IS a 6% increase...when I worked in Corporate America, I would have killed for a 6% raise!!! tongue sticking out smiley
And just 6 months earlier the base pay on that shop was $20 and six months before that $25
This does not bother me because I ask for the bonus I want. More often than not I get it.
Sometimes I wonder what marketing bozo comes up with Intellishop's email come-ons . . .
Today I got an urgent message from those guys begging for a shopper to do an auto shop. Had a little trouble understanding it because the scheduler switched the "fee" field with the "market" field in the template.

So it said something like, "We need a 20 shopper who will take this shop for a Anycity fee."

Made me feel all warm.

No fee, no shop.
Read it again...are you sure it didn't say "We need a Hero Citation shopper who will take this shop for a Shop Grade of 10 fee?"
I just thank God I'm not a MSC scheduler. Some of the begging and groveling is a tad annoying.
Begging and groveling is preferable to some of the demands and petulance.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
I received the email as well with the fee and city fields switched. I was also offered a whopping $18 for a shop that normally pays $17. I still am baffled how they find these emails acceptable, yet will not allow me to shop a burger establishment since I can't make higher than 97% on the test. Is the test even accurate? They were offering upwards of $50 for some locations this past week.

I sure hope upper management (if there is anyone in upper mgt) reads this forum.
Sadly, a lot of MSCs don't know this forum even exists. And those that do act like we're the ones being petulant and think we should just shape up and do what they tell us! Sigh.

I find they are cheap and petty with their criticisms and shop grades. And they take over 60 days to pay! I did one car shop for them, but I wouid never do another. I have another MSC I do car shops for which pays much better, and there are a limited number of dealer locations in my neighborhood, so it's simply not worth giving up the better pay that might come along. I doubt I will take another shop for them. They expect far too much for much too little.
Intelli-shop has a lot of these going on and I have to chuckle at their $1.00 bonus! I just carefully schedule a couple of other fast foods joints or an audit that is on the way and suck it up and chalk it to experience!

Somehow the good guy wins, When I have asked for a bonus I have never been denied.

And I additionally recently received hero citations from them and they are a sure 10 score.

Fair they have been with me.

Sometimes we reap what we sow.

But I agree $1. is LMAO and we put it behind us and travel on.

Shooping Central FL and beyond into eternity!

I have never asked for or received a bonus and have completed over 20 shops. Shame on me???

I just accepted a casino shop that pays/reimburses very well based on other MSC I have done casino shops for. Looking forward to it!
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