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Does anybody know what companies service the AZ (Phoenix Valley) area? I can't seem to find many shops available in the area where I live.

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Not even near my area so let me suggest you check for companies that have shopped in your area recently. But overall shops are down over a couple of years ago as many companies are gone, many companies are cutting out shops to help their bottom line and still more are shopping less.
What avenues have you explored mrogers, and if you're an experienced shopper, are you not finding shops that were formerly available?
I am finding a few that keep me busy here and there. But they are sporadic and aren't keeping me busy enough. I am grabbing what is available, but there has to be more around that I'm not aware of. I will check jobslingers too.
I cannot remember the MSC, but yesterday I signed up with some that were new to me (and I am too brain dead and busy at this time in the semester to remember which ones) that one ONLY had shops right now in AZ. Maybe check V's recent threads. I probably got the names there.

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Assuming you are in the 850xx zip area, you may want to check out DJC's which shops In-N-Out Burger. There are plenty of shops available from Trendsource such as office supply, groceries and check cashing stores.

If you want more detail, maybe you can PM me with the exact zip code and perhaps distance you are willing to go and I can help you.
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