What do you all know about Mystery Researchers?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find some info on Mystery Researchers, there Sassie Shop handle is 2rsg. I did some shops for them almost a month ago and still have not received a rating on my shops. About 2 weeks after I submitted the shops 2 of them wanted more info, which I happily provided and now 2 weeks later...still nothing. My experience with other MSC's is that they promptly rate my shops. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?


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I'm signed up with them, but have yet to shop for them. That said, a month without a shop being graded sounds suspiciously long, almost like they are hoping you will give up on it.
Not all MSCs rate shops and they are one that does not. Mystery Researchers recently changed their name from Research Services Group which is where the rsg comes from.

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Just look to see what the status is next to the shop. It'll say "New" before you do it, "Incomplete," if you haven't submitted it yet, "Completed" once you've completed your part, and "Received" once it is reviewed. Usually the payment area changes too to indicate it is ready to be processed for payment.
I completed a shop for them last month and there is no rating for my report, but they paid me in less than two weeks. So far, so good with them. smiling smiley
Thanks for the info, all of my shops for them are still in the "completed" phase, so we'll see. Maybe it was a really big study and they are waiting to submit to their client until all shops are done, lets hope!! Thanks for your help!
I was told by their schedulers that they do not grade their shops, at least not in a way visible to us shoppers.

They do pay lightning fast.
Payment is really quick, usually in 2 weeks which is fantastic! Love this company a lot! Their fees are quite good and the reports are realistic and don't take hours to do. No long narratives so far and no repetitive questions to answer.

It appears that they don't grade shops, but I'm sure that if I didn't provide the right info, they would let me know pronto.

I want more shops in my area!!! For anyone hesitant to shop for them...go for it. They are A-1.
I want more shops in my area!!! For anyonGe hesitant to shop for them...go for it. They are A-1.
Couldn't agree with you more, ns! I love finding shops on the RSG2 board!
I was just assigned three shops for Mystery Researchers which used to be Research Services Group. After printing out the guidelines, I noticed that the top of one page says Ipsos. Apparently there is an IPSOS USA but my shops are clearly on my Mystery Researchers shop log.

So, I am confused. Did Mystery Researchers buy out Ipsos? Or are these two companies unrelated?

FYI: I posted this exact post under the Ipsos category also. Just trying to get the quickest answer. Thanks.

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In their case, no news is good news. I have shops going back to 2012, and have never received a grade. They always pay as agreed. smiling smiley Good luck!
I haven't gotten any feedback but enjoy working for them. Normally, I was paid within a few weeks.
I have not been rated on any of their shops and I have been with them for about a year. As others have said, they pay well and quickly. Great company to work with.
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