Shadow Agency

Not Shadow Shopper.

Anyone ever have a problem with these guys? I did a shop of a new housing development back in May, and while their payment log says I was paid June 25, I have yet to actually receive anything, either in the mail or through Paypal.

I've written them twice, now, and gotten no reply.

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I haven't worked with them yet, but I've applied for their new home shops through Kern. It appears that their shop board has been out of commission for at least several days now. Did you phone, as well as email?

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No, and their shop board works for me. I did finally hear back from them, and they said that Kern hadn't sent them the paperwork to pay me. I then contacted the scheduler at Kern, who said that despite what my payment log says, I'm not scheduled to be paid until the 25th of THIS month - 60 days after the shop.
I did a series of super easy grocery shops for them about a year ago and the pay was about 60 day I think. Never seen anything else though.

Does anyone have a link to the job board? or even the shopper login page?

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I did a new home shop for them 5/2 and my shopper log says I was paid on 6/25 but I also haven't received anything.

Login page is []

Job board is []
Shadow Agency jusdt paid me today by Paypal for the new home shop I did 5/2 (shopper log showed payment 6/25).
Yeah, I got paid today or the shop I originally referenced. Guess they are just running late.
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