Shared Insight Shopper's Score

Well, things seem to be going wrong lately with me....

I have been doing shops with Shared insight for a couple of months, I did 4 shops so far, and all went well (i've been paid for 3 of those). I never got a shopper's score set up, which I did not mind since I was able to assign shops anyway.

Last week, I had to cancel 2 shops in San Diego because of car issues, and now I see that Shared Insight has deducted 2 points per shop that I cancelled. I don't mind at all, and I do understand why they would deduct 2 points, but the problem is that I now have a negative shopper's score with Shared Insight (of -4) because of the cancelled shops, but the shops that I actually DID and got paid for, I didn't get any points.

What's up with this company? You only get penalized and don't get points for doing the shops on time and submitting good reports?

Of course, when you run into these issues, no one answers your emails...

Did anyone run into similar issues with Shared Insight?


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All these years that I have been shopping for them, twice they said they would do scoring but never happened. As long as you can self assign, who cares.
I remember when they said they would start doing points, and I started getting points. I have a lot of points. Is that the score?
I didn't care at first, but now that my score is negative, I don't like it. But you are right, I still can self assign, so it should be fine.
I haven't worked with them at all yet but am signed up with them. This is on their site under My Shopper Score:

Type Points
When you complete a job +10
If you complete a job on the original date specified
(if you change your initial date you will not be awarded these bonus points) +2
When you complete a survey +1
If we need to amend one of your reports -1 for every 10 words amended
If you file your report more than 24 hours after completing a visit -2 immediately and then a further -2 for every additional 24 hours
If we have to contact you in respect of a question in your report -1 for every question
If you release a job -2
If we are forced to release a job from your account -2
If we have to arrange to revisit the premises as a result of an error on your report -10
If we are unable to contact you following the receipt of your report -1 for every 3 messages we leave for you

So to answer the OPs question: it looks like they award points for shops completed accurately, or at least they say they do.
They say they do. I have completed 6 or 7 audits and was told there have been no issues yet my score is only 20. It was that after two and has not changed.

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