About Face and the Auto Shops

Has anyone else's inbox been bombarded by About Face and their auto shops? I received about 10 emails today. They aren't much only paying $16, so I haven't taken one. Not when I'm used to seeing $20 and $30 for that sort of shop.

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I got a bunch of those a couple weeks ago. This round of bombardment emails from this is "fun" gym shops.
I've seen all the auto and motorcycle shops. Low pay. Intellishop is doing a lot of auto shops here right now - paying $25 and $30. About Face's report forms are usually the most detailed and time-consuming of the companies I have shopped for. I recommend Intellishop - I just did a $25 one - at a local dealership - we did a car shop with test drive - fun and easy! - on our way to a casual dining shop. The report form was quick and easy. I do have to wait 72 hours to submit because there's a section on follow up. They asked that I complete the form and SAVE FOR LATER, then complete the last followup portion 72 hours later and submit. I did several About Face shops from November-March 1 but I haven't elected to do any shops for them since March 1. If yu like car shops, check out Intellishop! They are shopping several different car brands.
I agree with Austin-Mom. AF pays low and their reports are much more detailed than anyone else. I go with other companies.
AF posted here on the job board for select locations with "you name the bonus". None in my neck of the woods, but I'd like to name my bonus!
I've received numerous emails from About Face. Even though they only pay $16, I do take them at times. I just group several other shops from other companies for the same area. It makes it well worth it.
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