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well evidently, not only do they take days to get back to you with an application but as soon as you request it you are committing to do it. We had 16" of snow here yesterday with school cancelled today and yesterday and don't get me going on the wind chill and roads. So of course, this acceptance shows up and I emailed back this morning NOT accepting but saying I had an issue (the other link to choose). I explained the situation and said I could do it but not by the deadline and would that be an acceptable solution. I already had firm jobs to do and they are being pushed back because of the weather - and understanding schedulers. I also have this group of people that live with me, called my family and have to take care of things they need to make up as well (scouts, karate, etc), but that argument I knew was going to fall on deaf ears.

I get an email back saying "OK but its only Wednesday". I again explained I have lost two days that I have to make up and now after rethinking it it would be best that I didn't do this at all, still NEVER hitting Accept. And I get threatened with a citation. I don't like threats. I can't understand why I am going to be cited when I never accepted to begin with and the weather situation was out of my control. Things got nastier from there with threats, etc and I said finally "please pay me what is due me in a timely manner. I am deactivating myself". To which I get "you've never done any work for us before". I did a theater the last week in December, thankfully I have the backup paperwork. When I sent this info I was told to stop sending nasty threatening emails.

WTH? All this over a 10 dollar total shop and I have constantly have to hound these people to pay me when I do work for them. Good riddance.

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The policy for most MSCs is the application serves as your acceptance if assigned. If time passes without you being assigned and you are no longer sure you can work it in there is the option to cancel the application prior to it being assigned. It is one I use frequently.

That said, a reasonable reschedule request based on the weather should not result in a citation.

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Please forward all emails to the company. It sounds like somebody should put this scheduler in check. Quite frankly if I was her boss I would more than likely fire her and issue an appology. Her response sounds like it was unwaranted.
I've completed almost 200 assignments for this MSC over the yrs. and found them to be both reasonable and accessible. I agree with the prior poster's suggestion to call the company, as SS uses outside contractors for both scheduling and editing.
This woman went a step further to tell me that I have never completed any work for this company and am not owed a dime. As I have done work, the most recent assignment in December, I forwarded that to her. I got back an email to stop emailing her threatening emails and that she had taken it upon herself to look me up with all their clients and I have a history of doing this. WTF? I did one job incorrectly for them back in 2010 (when I first started out), thats the only issue. I missed some jobs back in September 2012 and the month before across the board when my father was dying. One was noted as a flake for these guys but I had no energy to fight it. Where this woman got her info from was more than interesting to me. The other jobs I missed back then? They were for a scheduling company that when I contacted them with what had happened they told me to not worry about it at all (cancelling) and sent me flowers. But this one?

And what ticks me off the most is that whenever I have done work for them I always have to chase them down for payment after their 90 days.
I do work for them every month, and I have never had to chase down a payment. Their pay cycle is longer than many other MSCs but they do pay when they say they are going to.
I agree with Tower; I've never had to chase a payment in the 8 yrs. I've been with this MSC.
Service Sleuth

I have shopped for this company for many years, have never had a problem. I have received a 10 on every shop I ever did. (Not the first shop) I find them great to work for.
I don't know what you mean by an application.
Go to Job Board
Select a shop and read MORE tells you all about the shop.
If you want the shop APPLY
Select a date in their range Pick a date
Wait for email if you get selected. Check your Spam folder if your new and your computer doesn't recognize it.
If you have any questions after receiving the shop contact , the contact person CONTACT. not scheduler.
Service Sleuth

You stated that you didn't except. You must have applied and given a date. When you apply that means you want the shop and got it. Because your behind has nothing to do with them. This is a real job!
Service Sleuth

Have you gone into your shopper log for Service Sleuth? All the information you are complaining about should be in your log. Do not take yourself out, you might be excluding yourself. You should be dealing with Service Sleuth not the scheduler. I just don't understand your type of problems. How long have you been shopping. These schedulers are scheduling shoppers all over the country, we are many. Some are international companies. They don't have time to read about your reasons for not shopping. Either reschedule if allowed or don't take the shop. It sounds like your taking on to much.
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