Hoodwinked by Intellishop

I've done numerous of their comic book shops. The fee has always been $10. The fee is still $10 on all of the comic book shops listed on their site. I just did one recently. It shows fee pending of $6. I emailed them because that must have been a mistake. I was told no, that is the fee, "As I said, it depends on when the shops are released, etc.".

So all the ones in the past were $10, all the current ones are $10, but the one particular one I did was only $6! I did not print the paperwork because I didn't know they were tricky that way.

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I believe, from another thread, that the basic fee dropped recently to six dollars. The ones I've seen have all been six dollars, and then, if they didn't get any takers, they started to add a bonus. So, I suspect that you did them in the past, 'knew' the fee, and didn't notice what it actually was.

I just did a seach with a 999 mile radius. Looks like a lot are $10 dollars, some are 6, one is 30. Note that they're due today, so it's plausible that bonuses have kicked in.

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Yes, I think you are right. I would not have taken it had I noticed it was $6 only. I'm still not happy about them dropping the fee.
According to my records, up to at least July 2012 the regular shop price was $10. Then in 2013 it dropped to $8. I asked about that and was told it was because several observations had been eliminated, making the shop (and thus the questionnaire) shorter. Once I realized I was never going to get free comics (because no one would sell early) I never took the $8 shop. I believe it dropped to $6 last fall - is the report even shorter? The fee alone wasn't worth the time and gas.

I was offered a $20 to go to a comic shop that would require 1-hour of travel time, 40 miles RT. Plus my time to do the shop and then the report. She said $20 was the most she could pay. Now I read this and find out they bonus up to $30.

NOTE: I'm not on the forum every day. If someone comments on my post, I might not reply right away. I've been a shopper since 1991. I've never done any work for a MS company in any other capacity.
As far I can remember, the report is exactly the same. Go, observe, ask them to sell you the comics, take a picture, fill out the report, upload the picture. Definitely worth more than $6!
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