I have been working for many years for this people never had a problem with them. If you have a question the fast way is to call I have and got my answer very quickly.

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Not to be nitpicky but why is this a new thread?

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I have found Ishop to be among the bottom feeders of MSCs. Their fees and reimbursements are low. Their schedulers are arrogant and inaccurate. Editors are snotty.

There are many better MSCs out there.
I can't argue that many of their shops are underpaid. OTOH, I have found some which pay quite well without a bonus and some schedulers and managers who were great. For some of their projects my contacts have been more than reasonable. They were once going to invalidate a video shop because I did not follow the guidelines at the beginning and the editor only watched the first few minutes. I was able to speak with the video manager in order to explain the situation. Not only was the shop accepted, he thanked me because they were going to be sending in a few more shoppers and they were going to be able to pass it along and save clarifications later.

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So far I have only had good experiences. The editors have given me good ratings and comments.
I did a shop for them when I was very new and should not have taken it without some more shops under my belt. I got paid but the rating was bad. My feelings got bruise a bit from the editors remark. At first I wasn't going to shop for them and then after thinking about it for a while I realized if they had a shop that I wanted to do and I liked the pay I should do it. As long as they are giving me shops I must not be all bad. I have only completed about 12 shops for them but all but one has been excellent both in ratings and dealing with IS. The other one was an acceptable rating but should have been a 10. They took away points because I had to wait to submit until I received a return phone call - so the editor was wrong. Never changed my score on that either. Since then I have had a ton of emails asking me to do the same shop with a bonus and I refused and explained why.

The nice thing about MS is I choose what shops and what companies.
I have had several problems with IS. They are VERY good at invalidating shops. The last shop they invalidated me, they had the nerve of saying that their client was the one that actually requested that I don't get paid.

They claim that since the shop was over an hour away from the provided address, I should't get paid. No restriction on distance was posted on the guidelines. In fact, they only state that I should provide an address within their service area, which I did.



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