Need some assistance please -- with Trendsource site

I have shopped for years, but am doing my first TrendSource shop today. Their site (shopper part) is down and of course the offices are closed. I have an office product shop today and need the guidelines. I looked at them a bit the other day when I was awarded the shop , but did not have access at that moment to print them. Is there anyone who knows what shop I am talking about (obviously I can't specifically name it and break rules) who might have a weekend contact or can PM me the guidelines? I feel like a total idiot for not printing them before now! Thank you in advance.

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If the site isn't up before I need to leave (have other shops in that area so need to leave in the next hour or so), I will just contact them tomorrow and let them know what happened. Hopefully, they are understanding. I hate to have to reschedule this because it is 30 miles away; I had it combined with other shops and visit to a family member.
The site is still down at this moment. Can't help you with a contact, but you can quote this thread if you like. Good luck.

PS: If I recall correctly, those shops require a specific scenario to be followed that sometimes changes with time and from store to store.

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Pardon me, if I am wrong but:

We as Independent Contractors, can't cut and paste the guidelines here in the public forum.

I am going to say this is privileged informationsmiling smiley
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