Bad experience with Trend Source...beware

I got contacted by this firm to make Business evaluations and reveal myself at the end of the shop.

This was ok. I took my car, had it checked and everything looked smooth. They had assigned a $35 for the shop.

My problem was with the paperwork. They asked me for my scanned driver license which I sent them FOUR TIMES and each time they e-mailed me back saying that it was unreadable, etc, etc.

I just got fed up...the last scan, I spend 1 hour trying to make it readable and they still came back with excuses.

I sent them an e-mail telling them to forget it. That they pay me the $35 they owe me and don't send me more assignment offers.

Very frustrating...I never had had any similar issues with any other company.


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I too have performed at least 10 shops for Trend Source, and I have been very pleased with their responses.
I used to do a lot of video rental shops along with a few other type shops. I never had a problem with them and always got paid. I haven't done a shop in quite some time because there are no longer many opportunities in my area.
I did a shop for the first time with them and they did not want to pay because, they said i did not read and take the test for the assignment, but you can't print out the paperwork for the assignment unless u take the test so i had to nearly jump through the phone to get my 27 dollars
I've been shopping for them for over 1 year and have never had any problems with them. They are a good company.
Most companies who ask for a copy of your Driver's License, ask you to enlarge it before you send it because the original size is sometimes illegible, depending on whether you fax or scan it. Did you enlarge your D.L.? That may have been the problem. I find Trend Source to be a very good company.
Trendsoure has issues with those pet food SECRET audits.....
if the client says something is the wrong price you will not get paid even if if you post the exact price you see SECRETLY in the store...
I am a very very new shopper and I just did a shop for TrendSource. It was one of those deals where I had to have the manager sign an acknowldgement that I had been there. I don't even know how many times the paperwork said, "you MUST get the manager's signature,".... "if you fail to get the manager's signature, your shop will be invalidated and you WILL NOT BE PAID!" I was horrfied, having done the shop, when the manager refused to sign because he didn't speak English and was suspicious of me! Yikes. Now, I've driven 10 miles out of my way, invested my time, and can't complete the shop. I vowed and delcared I'd never do another shop that depended on someone else's actions for me to get paid. However, when I got home, I filled out my report with a detailed explanation of exactly what happened, and was notified by TrendSource that I had acted correctly under extenuating circumstances and would be paid for my work. What a relief.
I'm too new to know what to do when strange circumstances arise, but fortunately I can think pretty quickly on my feet.
I have done a handful of shops for these guys but mostly find that their fees are low and overall their shops hold little interest for me. I have had no issues with the shops I have done and the payment has been prompt.
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talk about being set in your ways. I did one job for Trendsource and everytime I go onto their web site, i don't like it. I guess the shops don't interest me and the pay isn't high enough to qualify doing it. Not my favorite.....not saying anything about the company, just a choice...I have my favorites.

Have to take it back...doing my second shop for Trend Source a mile from my house....things have been slow here, just very small paying jobs....$10.00, nothing under...still do mostly dinner reimbursement's, can't make money on those. Getting alot of Bar Integrity offers, but after doing two (not well), passing on those.

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Does anyone know if you can fax your receipt to Trend Source. I did a shop for them, and cannot upload receipt. When I emailed, I still haven't gotten a fax #, and the jobs done....maybe I'll hear Monday, but, will it be too late.
dBoy am I glad to see that I am not the only one with issues with this company. Talk about a mess.
I did two jobs for them last month. Scanned the recipets, sent them in. They claim they did not get them. Scanned them again, and again, and again. Each time they say they did not get them. Sent them snail mail, registared receipt (so I know they got them), still they claim they did not recieve them
Now they claim they did not get my photo ID. I can not be paid until they recieve this. Again I scanned it, and again and agian. (How many times do I have to do this?) I do know that it is not on my end, as I sent to a real good friend and she got it alright.
Just want to reach out an strangle this company.
I am suppose to do 3 shops this coming week for them, but I am about to tell them where they can take their jobs and put them. And I hate to do that because they are one of the better paying ones in my area. (heck $17.00 is better than the usual 4 or 7 others are paying)
Any advice as to how to solve this problem?
I've never had any problems with Trendsource. I find them to be a very good company. I've always been able to upload the receipts without any problem. Have you tried scanning the receipts and putting them in a email and sending them to Trendsource that way? I've had to do that before with other companies because the uploads didn't reach the company. I hope that works for you.
HI! I had the same problem with Trend Source (MSI Services for my DL as an ID. Finally I had my license photocopied and mailed the copy to them. End of dispute.
I guess I am the lucky one.
I did 2 jobs for them. No problem so far.
They got the receipts, and the pay history says money is on the way.
Time to vent again about my experince with Trend Source.
I did two shops for them back in March. Scanned recipets,copied reciepts that were mailed (two times) and they claim they did not recieve them.
Now they are claiming that they do not have a copy of my ID so there fore they can not pay me. Pardon my French BUT BS!!!! This item was also scanned, copied and mailed (with return reciept for my varivacation that they did recieve it). All of this has been done several different time.
Today was the final kicker. They wrote and told me that needed my ID so they could pay me and close their books for the month of March.
Needless to say I told them that I would send said information "when I get paid for the shops that I did".
And I am sticking to my guns on this one. I don't care if they never get their books closed. Not my worry. If they can't seem to be able to get mail, (return reciept which I know they got) then that is thier problem. I will chalk this up to "life happens" and go on about my other companies. I don't need this kind of head ache. And you can be sure I will tell my friends about this company. (and yes I told them that too.)
Thanks for allowing me to vent. Now I feel better. Short on the pay check, but have a better feeling about MSing.
Jcompleted 3 more shops for them, 1 in another state. Scheduler called me and offered PAD for mileage. Took it, finished it, and have 2 more scheduled for them this coming week. I like the fact that afrwe 5 acce[table shops, I xan self=schedule shops. Just an easy 8 question quiz to qualify for priviledge.
It is unfortunate that some are having probs w/ this company. I have been shopping for them since 2004 and never had any probs. As a matter of fact, I had problems figuring out how to scan my DL in the beginning and they had someone call me from their computer tech department and talk me through the whole process.
They always pay on the 5th and 20th even if I do the shop on the 4th or 19th...I get paid the next day. I have completed almost 2 hundred shops for them.
Just wanted to share that I have have a very good experience with them.

I am one of the lucky ones.
So far I did 14 assignments, and 13 were paid direct deposit on time.
Like bugpost said, two of my jobs wer paid the next day.

I also have only good experience with them, there was never a problem with changing dates due dates either.
I had one job, I did not call the store, when I arrived it was closed.
I received a reminder to call next time, but the job was reschuled and happy ending.
I have done quite a few for Trendsource. The pay is low but for a newbie,it was one of the better mscs to get my feet wet with. Easy reports, pays like clockwork. I just did my worst shop ever this weekend and it was the pet shop audit someone mentioned. I stood for 3 hours one day and another 2 hours the next. And I just received an email that one of the prices I reported was wrong, and that if it's not on my notes, I have to go do a reshop or not get $17 for a 3-part shop, I just couldn't help but laugh. To think that I'm mystery shopping for the fun of it. I'm so glad I kept my day job :-)
Trendsource is one of my favorites... 98 jobs in the last year, and will be over 100 this month. I like their grocery shops, and the video rental that they used to have. I also like the check cashing - I always purchase gift cards on those shops. They usually have easy shops and forms, and pay on time, 2 x a month, direct deposit. The schedulers are nice and accomodating. Some of the audits have low pay for what they expect, so I am careful to read the manual for the requirements before I sign up for those shops to make sure they're worth the pay.
I've done several shops for them and have never had a problem. I signed up for a
couple today, the printer audit and a revealed prize shop. I did this before I read the comments on this forum.
I did 22 so far and 20 are paid fast.

I even did a easy picture job, that needed to be done. I told them it's too far away, and they gave me $$$ for mileage.

Knock on wood - I didn't have any problems so far.
The schedulers I worked with were very nice.
I have had only good experiences. I have had some problems with lists on their shops differing from their data entry lists. I am being paid anyway, then asked to reshop with bonus. the pay is low, but i need groceries anyway. so i do it. and they do pay 2ce a month like clockwork. really up to almost the day before payroll is due.

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I have done over 100 jobs a year for this company since 2006.

1. if they received your receipt you would have received a job receipt for your report to attach to it. It is the only way you can get a job receipt.
I have never had a problem with any schedulers and most of the jobs I do are minimum of 17.00 They are a good company to work for always get paid twice a month. try to work with them they are very hekpful. Regarding pet prices, go on line to pet company and you can get every price you need and just email them the correct price and you will get paid. rambles
What is the companies web page to sign up for it,do they have work in NY? Can anyone tell me,Thanks
If they don't need someone new right then in your area, you might have to wait to get asked to do your first shop. That happened to me, and I think some others here (but it could have been another forum that I recall that from...) But I've done 56 shops for them since May 20th, and some were heavily bonused last minute deals when someone flaked. They pay like clockwork, literally. But the majority of the shops don't pay that well. However, if the scheduler knows you will do the job then you will get asked to do the last minute high bonus ones. Just pay your dues with a bunch of lower paying ones. I like them, so far, once I got past my distrust issues stemming from a shopper tattling issue (no, not on me...) They do have shops in NY state but they seem low in number, at least looking tonight.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
I recently signed up for this company, but felt a little leary about the DL other company has asked for this, why do they need it? They had a job to meet with a local businessman and make sure his business actually exists for a pay of $17-21. Why the range? What would I get? Since I haven't yet sent the DL, I haven't responded to the offers yet. Not sure I want to just yet. Anyone else concerned about sending DL's over the internet or mails?
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