TrendSource Door Knob Pics

Yesterday TS came out with the type of picture they want to reflect a locking door knob for their on site reports. While I understand they want the side of the door knob where the key is inserted. I think other people must have problems with this picture like I do or they would not clarify what they want.

What I've been doing is having the contact insert a key into the door knob and then taking a picture. My reason for this is that I am using a Nikon L26 camera and any time I'm taking a close up of a shiny surface like door knobs have, the picture gets blurry.

I'd like to know how others resolve this issue. Or is there some setting that I'm not using on my camera to get a solid clear picture?

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I just use my smartphone to take the pictures and have never had an issue. I've never had anyone insert a key either.
I don't know if your camera has the feature but most newer ones do,
you have the abilty to have it "focus" on area away from the shiny surface.
So I direct the focus just to the side of a shiny or reflective surface and that
takes care of the problem.

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I'm sorry, what's the purpose for the reflection. I am not being snitty, I'm just wondering if there is a specific reason.

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You have to use the "doorknob" setting on your camera.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Hoju Wrote:
> You have to use the "doorknob" setting on your
> camera.

Um, is that a joke?

cease (who is feeling dense this morning!)
I don't center the doorknob in the picture, so it's not in one of the "focus zones".

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I've tried not centering it as it was suggested to me before and that still does not work. There is one setting that sometimes helps but it depends on the lighting, too. Personally I often think that the MSC says that it is a requirement from the client when I really believe it's a requirement from the MSC.

Oddly enough, I have no problems with those pizza pictures but door knobs are a pain in the patootie!
I just take a pic of the door, almost totally closed, then a close up of the door knob. Depending on how many other 'extra' pics I deem necessary, I will use the close up as my 'extra' pic. Also depending on what else, I'll tell the MSC in their 'for our eyes only' box of all the other pics I have. Only one company has requested them a time or two.
I use the "close-up" setting on my camera, and the doorknob consistently comes out fine. I suppose, however, that a workaround would be to take a very hi-res photo of the door from further back and then crop it down to the required knob photo.
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