Does Trendsource/MSI Services approve projects over the weekend?

I requested a project just now, and it's due today between certain hours. Their offices are closed, so I can't call them about this. Do they check email for cases like this one? Thanks!

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Generally when you request a project, the "due" deadline doesn't start until you have been awarded it. At that point you have two or four hours to make the first attempt to contact the company you will visit.

Have you been awarded it? If so, start the scenario. If it didn't auto-assign and you're waiting for a response, all you can do is wait until you get one.

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It's still in "under review" status. This type of shop can only be done on a particular day during the weekend and between specific hours. So I guess if they don't approve it today, I will be considered for next weekend.
Some shoppers have the ability to self-assign so it will likely
go to them if one of them choose the shop

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I don't have the ability to self-assign, as I didn't provide my EIN (at least I think that's why).
I ended up getting the shop about 3 hours before the cut off time. I think this was the fastest I've been able to read instructions, do the test, and then practice the scenario to be believable. I did pretty well considering that I crumble under pressure smiling smiley.

On a side note, the company was aware of the tight deadline, so they said that I wouldn't be penalized if I couldn't complete the shop.
I requested a project yesterday that was due today. Is there anyway to cancel the request? I saw the due date has now been extended till next weekend but I only requested because I will be in the area today.

Thanks, Nancy
ChineseChick Wrote:
> I requested a project yesterday that was due
> today. Is there anyway to cancel the request? I
> saw the due date has now been extended till next
> weekend but I only requested because I will be in
> the area today.
> Thanks, Nancy

There's no automatic way to cancel it, as far as I know. Just click on the Support tab, and send them a message that you were requesting it for today, and can't do it next week.
As a general rule, MSI is not available on the weekends. However, they've been very understanding about that kind of stuff with relation to deadlines. Also, if you are doing one of the targeted shops, those don't repeat the next week. The target reps travel, so they only know their schedule a short time in advance. So it's good you got approved and had a successful shop! grinning smiley

There are other targeted shops that pop up at other nearby locations for me, so if they don't approve one in time, there's always the next one.

Lastly, if you haven't put in your EIN, they will be contacting you about that. I got about 5-6 phone calls on that matter alone when I first signed up, and during that period the government site was down and I couldn't get one. They take confirming your identity very seriously, and you may not get paid until it is confirmed.
I am also confused by the 4 hour contact rule on TrendSource. If I am awarded the shop on Friday at 6pm am I really supposed to call business before 10pm on Friday night, and then again each day on Sat and Sunday.
The four hour rule is until 7 PM on week days. If you get the shop at 6 PM on Friday, you have until 10 AM Monday for the contact (from 6 to 7 on Friday is one hour and then from 7 to 10 am on Monday is the next three).

They do not generally assign shops on weekends. I have seen shops offered for targets and been in those stores for personal business anyway. I have gone ahead and done the shops (I know most of the scenarios by now) and then called a scheduler on Monday morning. Sometimes they assign the shop and I get paid for it and sometimes they don't. At the worst, I have lost a few minutes of my time. At best, I get extra pay and usually with a PAD.
I had shops assigned to me on weekend. It would depends of the scheduler.

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I sure get a lot of emails for shops that can ONLY be done on weekends ~ and a lot of the emails are sent on Saturday and Sunday. Some are sent Saturday, for shops that MUST be done on Sunday... so there must be *someone* approving/assigning those?

And MSC's that do shops that must be done on a weekend day, *should* have a contact person for the shoppers! They don't need to be in the office, but they should be contact-able. (is that a word?) smiling smiley

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In my area, most things, except for business verifications, are self-assign. So, the e-mails could be productive, even if there's no one scheduling on the weekends.
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