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I did a shop for these guys about a month ago, and figured, since they are based in Europe, I would have to chase them forever to get paid, if I ever got paid at all.

I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up today to find a Paypal deposit from them. It's nice to be wrong at times

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Nice company. Unfortunately, don't have many jobs where I am. I did one aborted shop for them last November, one of my first, scheduled through Kern, $27 for a purchase/return. The store had changed hands and changed its focus between the contract for shopping and the time it was assigned to me, and the requirements of the shop weren't possible to meet. I sent a detailed e-mail to the scheduler who relayed to ISC and came back with word "Never mind." I assumed that meant no pay, and, as a brand new shopper, I didn't question that: figured I hadn't done the shop and wouldn't get paid. Two months later I get an e-mail from ISC - they want to pay me but I haven't filled out their payment info. Filled it out and promptly got paid.
That's nice that they pay you. I would probably still not have questioned not getting paid in that situation...and I am not a new shopper. :-)

Their shops are relatively easy, they compensate fairly for them, they pay on time using paypal, and I have never gotten so much as a single question about anything, good or bad.

I would say that I like these people a lot. I can't say "love" because I really dislike the web forms they use. For the shops I do for them, it is 100 questions, starts with an overall narrative (I do better writing when they are at the end-I don't know why.) Then you have to confirm each question before going on...and it's a bit slow going.

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I agree with dee. They are nice enough, pay promptly, and the shops are ok, but the forms are killer! L O N G and repetitive and sometimes weird wording from translation! I don't find their compensation commensurate with their shopper pay either. I had a few that I felt pretty shorted on so I am very careful with them now before accepting.
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