White Clay MSC

Hi everyone!

I apply for a shop with White Clay. Any information about this company?


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They roll out projects 3 to 4 times a year (in my area at least) and since the assignments are usually gone within one day, there are months with nothing in between.
Excellent company, I was paid within two weeks afr shop completion. I just wish they had more shops.
They hardly ever have anything in my area, either; but I did a shop for them once (or twice?) when they were Marketing Endeavors and they were great. smiling smiley

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I did not see anything in my area. CA or San Diego, where do you all live to shop for this one?
They have shops across the country, but they are small and the shops are few and far between. Too bad because I will do all the shops they post. Great company.
I applied for one of their shops last Friday with a due date of yesterday. It only said don't shop before 6/14, which was last Saturday. So I applied saying I would do it on 6/14. It sat in pending until Sunday the 15th when I was accepted. I e-mailed on Sunday and explained that I wouldn't be able to do it by the due date and could reschedule or would otherwise have to cancel. The scheduler replied that it couldn't be rescheduled and that it was cancelled.

I'm now wondering if this will go against me in their records for getting new shops. After all, it's not my fault the scheduler waited to assign it. If they're not going to look at when you say you're available to complete a job or only care if it's done by the due date, why do they ask when you plan to do it when you apply?

I'm guessing the scheduler had other plans for the weekend and never got around to checking the applications until later on Sunday.
Does anyone know how their sleep shop is? They have a couple of shops that are bonused well but wonder if there is a lot of narrative. I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew.
There is a lot of narrative. But in my area the sleep shops have been generously bonused. Very worth it for me. (just don't buy the $4,000 bed as I was sorely tempted to do). That would be a lot of mystery shopping to make up for that purchase.
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