Technology Store shopper

Has anyone heard or shopped for Technology Store Shopper or Thanks!

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Did you receive an email from them? I received their email and spent a few minutes looking at the training required. I've not shopped for them, nor have a I heard of them. I saw them mentioned on another forum, but there was no info there either. Maybe emails were sent out to prophet shoppers in locations where TSS has clients. Or, maybe not.
I received an email from them and don't remember their name or website. I've only been a ms for a month or so and so I sign up for as many companies as I can that I find recommended on these boards. I write them down in my card file so I can remember the passwords and so on.
I didn't sign directly with them, either. A year or so ago, I did a master signup with Archon, which shares shoppers' email addresses with other companies that use Prophet. I gather that's how they found me.
I have never heard of Technology Store Shopper. I have heard of Wireless Store Shopper and have worked with them for several years. In my area the
Wireless Store folks have one client that is month-to-month cell phones with no credit check. The client is mostly local but expanding. Most of the shops are done in gas stations or small independent stores that sell the phones, the service and collect payments. More often than not I ran into someone who barely spoke English and I barely speak or understand Spanish. Their pay was fair, their shops simple and their payment used to be timely. I haven't worked with them in a while because they changed schedulers and the new guy was making stuff unreasonably complicated. I understand that now there are pay issues as well.
I think they are one and the same. They call themselves Technology Store in the e-mail but the URL address is WirelessStore. I also got an e-mail a few days ago.
Ok, I would just be wary of pay issues. Watch the boards and if there aren't complaints after a few months it may be safe.
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