Managed to do the route with the materials they sent at the last minute two weeks overdue. Now I can't enter my data because I got halfway through one report and Intellishop no longer responds or loads.

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This is tragic! Here you are, the one person, who saw the whole debacle through to the end, and, now this? If I had any Hero Citations, I'd give you one. (Unfortunately, the email that promised me one, last year, if I took a particular shop, was not forthcoming.)

Karma (and the MSC) let you down. smiling smiley


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I finally got them through. But they didn't like the photos. I just rescanned them but it will not take a large file or two files. I don't think this job is worth the aggrevation. It wound up costing me money as I did not take jobs for the three weeks I was waiting for the materials, I have one day a week I can shop with my work shedule. I just gave up on trying to upload and emailed the files to proofreader.
And all email bounces back. Since i have to work 13 hours days the next two days they will have to wait for any files if I have to manually edit the files. I have still not heard back from the scheduler on those shops from my original question.
They gave me a score of 9 because they had to contact me. Never replaied to any requests I sent them.
I can not tell what date exactly I can do the shop. It will say DUE DATE, but does that mean I need to shop it that day or can I shop it the day before?
You can shop it before if they ever send you the stuff. I can only shop one day a week with my job so that is why I declined shops to do this route. And they sent everything through regular mail with no tracking. I was so pissed by the time I mailed the stuff back I didn't bother washing it.
They gave me a shop score of 6 for their stupid spotter shops because they wanted all the info on the winners but the photos had the info split (because I scanned the pages the way they printed because they did not have the forms that the customer wanted)
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