Coupon question about Service Sleuth oil change shop

I am scheduled for an oil change shop for Service Sleuth (thru Kern) tomorrow. The little job write up you see when applying says you can use any coupon for the job but when I opened up the detailed instruction sheet it says you must use the $5 off coupon that is provided by the msc. They went on to say if they offer a better deal after you give them the $5 coupon you can take the better deal. But it says they will reject the shop if you do not start with the $5 coupon. I have written three queries to the scheduler over three days and have not gotten an answer from him. If you have done this shop and used your own coupon and it was accepted let me know.

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Use any coupon you can find. If you can't find anything better than the $5, then use theirs.

I just did one of these and the instructions say to use the provided $5 (and produce it when paying) unless you can get something better from anywhere.

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I emailed the scheduler because I had a 9.25 coupon and she said that I can use any coupon.
Use any coupon - take a handful into the store! Easy shop - in and out. And no "dead giveaway" tire quote required.
I've got two printed out and will take both and start with the 5 and then find the 13. Just have no idea why the scheduler never got back to me and could not find a phone number to call.
I seem to remember reading you can use any coupon. I believe I've used the one provided once, and one I found independently without any problems.

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you can use any coupon. I used a $12 off one mailed to me at my home address. I have also used a $5 off one I printed from another site. As long as you use a coupon you are good.
Okay...did the shop and input my report but could not get the upload of the receipt to work. I sent in the report without it and sent another message to the scheduler about this. So far this is the 4th message I have sent with no answer. Does anyone have a phone number either for Kern or for Service Sleuth. I have been using the "contact us" link on the job instructions which should go directly to Kyle of Kern.
The guidelines Word document and the actual report/comments on SASSiE are contradictory but ultimately yeah you can use any coupon that is better than what they offer.

As far as responding, I sent the scheduler, KSS, and they didn't respond to me either.
This is a prize example of conflicting and confusing instructions from the msc .....thank you to all that posted above.
They did accept my job but it was very confusing to do the narratives as most of the things did not happen or happened with a different person than the one mentioned in the report headings...such as Check out with cashier section....half the things in that section occured before they even started to change my oil wiht the service guy and not the cashier. Consequently I had trouble figuring out which things to put where. And for the things that did not happen at all..since they did not happen I had no idea what they were talking about. I ended up just saying it did not happen but was not really sure it did not happen. I will not do this job again!! I was also offered a discount long before my encounter with the cashier which is where I was supposed to wave my $5 off coupon. It would have been pretty silly for me to bring out that coupon when the service guy already told me he would give me $15 off especially since they insisted I needed to get the fancy oil which was way over the reimbursement level.
It was a learning experience. I learned to never do this oil change job again.
I don't understand the advantage of using a higher value coupon with this Service Sleuth shop. I was specifically told by my KSS scheduler that reimbursement is the amount spent, after the coupon, up to $40. Have any of you experienced or heard otherwise from the MSC?

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I used to do the Jiffy Lube shops and always had to use a coupon. Sometimes the shop even provided a coupon that was a better deal than the one I took with me.

The last couple oil changes I have done have been for Circle of Service. They pay $15 comp plus the reimbursement for the oil change.
JenW, in my case I had a coupon for more than the $5 and when I got there I was told I needed the higher price oil change. I did not wish to forfeit the shop because of that and go home. In addition my very small engine car took an extra .7 qts of oil that was an additional $4. The "regular price" for the cheaper oil oil change was $42.95 ( but with a managers special of $24.45 at my station). So with no coupon and a regular oil change I would have been over by $7 if they had not actually mentioned the special to me based on the guidelines. I definitely needed a coupon. And since I got the synthetic oil the coupon discussion got me $15 off bringing my out of pocket down. My service guy was pretty quick to offer me a discounted price immediately after telling me there were no coupons or discounts for the synthetic oil job. I am thinking they are testing to see how low they will go on these jobs.
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