Has anyone ever done one of Intelli-Shop's "game day" sports stadium shops?

I always saw them email me about these shops but never got them, so on a lark I decided to call the scheduler and got him to schedule it to me. I should have been wary when they asked me to pay them a $100 deposit- I assumed that if I was putting the deposit down I'd be getting great seats, but no, they were in the nosebleeds (meaning I could've bought tickets for less!)! And of course, I had to give them $100 before I saw the requirements for the shop: I thought I might have to get a hotdog or two, maybe try to get someone to sell me a beer without my ID, but no, I was walking all over the baseball stadium and even the instructions say you should only ever get to see two or three innings. W-what? And, of course, backing out of the shop would mean I would not get my $100 deposit back, so more than anything else I was forced to do it.

What really irks me is I did this shop at the end of last month and despite emailing the scheduler about it I've yet to hear boo about my shop, not even requests for elaboration- and of course, I've yet to receive my hundo back, let alone the $40 I dropped on required purchases while there.

Avoid, avoid, AVOID with a capital A!

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Call them!! Stacy and Shannon is very good at communication. They are also on facebook

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Yikes - I just did one of those this Saturday. I did already hear back on the review of it though and my seats were on the first level but I haven't received my deposit back yet. The report was finalized by them yesterday though so I figured I would wait until the end of the week to follow-up on the deposit. I would never do the shop again though because of how much there was to do and how long the survey was. It definitely was not worth it. Also, the person I took with me had to help there was no way I would have been able to get all the information by myself.
They hang on to your $100 deposit until the end of the season in case you decide to do more of those shops. You'll need to request it if you want it back sooner.
I just got my money back today. I still would not recommend doing these shops, and I received very minimal feedback from my scheduler. I'm still waiting on my reimbursement for the required purchases I made- I assumed it'd be given to me along with my $100.
I've hesitate to do these shops because of the $100 deposit you have to put down...and also in my area, its the team I don't care for much, so unless its against a team I like, I'm not really too keen on going....

I also heard when they first started doing these, it was a very long questionnaire....has it been shortened at all?

FWIW, another MSC, does the MLB team up in Milwaukee....looks like easier requirements...

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This was the first time I did the shop but the questionnaire was extremely long. I printed it out and it was 36 pages long. It also doesn't work well with Internet Explorer which I didn't realize. It took me around 4 hours to complete it because it would freeze up so many times.
I would never do one again, EVER. The report and the requirements are RIDICULOUS. Horrible experience, didn't get to watch any of the game and I was just miserable the whole time until I finally got the report accepted.

The upside is they worked with me and gave me extra time to fill out the report and almost reimbursed me for everything. They missed the alcohol purchase.
I have been asked and pretty much begged to do this shop and I keep telling them no. This same shop used to be with another MSC and if you can believe it, was way easier...and this is the MSC that is narrative intensive. I also refuse to give them a $100 deposit. I can totally understand that for new shoppers or ones that have a history of flaking, but after 200+ shops for them with never less than a 9, I would think I have proven myself enough. So, nope nope nope. Wouldn't do one with Intellishop. Did at least 4 a season with the old MSC.

The Brewers are my team anyways and I know who has that one, just haven't had a chance to do that one yet.


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The Brewer one I see is during the week...makes it hard when I work a full time job and I am 90+ miles to the south....if a weekend game ever comes up, I may take it...

I see this MSC now is doing the fall outdoor sport in another state (noticed it when I was looking for potential shops when I go out of town in a couple weeks).

Silver certified (since 2009) and willing to do shops all around the greater Chicago, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin areas (including airports!.
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