ICCDS/Beyond Hello email swap?

Okay, so some of you might have already gotten this email yourselves--ICCDS and BH apparently swapped email sets in order to expand their shopper bases, and ICCDS wants me to sign on. I haven't had good experiences with BH, so I'm wary. Anybody want to share some dirt on ICCDS, e.g. types of shops (as in broad categories, not clients), difficulty level, general info and impressions, etc.? My ability to shop out here is hampered enough that I don't want to sign up for something that's going to be a problem later.

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You will probably love ICCDS. Their schedulers, editors, and accounting/tax staff are wonderful and reachable. I was able to call their tax and accounting department and speak with the person I needed to speak with, and get my concern handled straight away (SSN thing)

They pay 30 days after the shop is submitted, have decent-paying shops, reports are simple, but what I love most about them is the fact that I can call and speak to a real live person who can handle my concern/scheduling right away. That is HUGE for me.

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ICCDS is excellent. Never an issue with payments, a variety of shops and reasonable reports. I take shops with them whenever I can.
I signed up with Beyond Hello 7 years ago but have never worked for them. I signed up with ICCDs around the same time, and I frequently work for them and like them.

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I have no issues with ICCDS - in fact, their schedulers seem quite nice and professional. However, they don't have much in my area and what they do have, doesn't pay very well. I just checked my spreadsheet and I haven't done any work for them since March 2013.
They don't have a lot around me either. Their grocery store client's report are easier than MF, in my opinion. Never had an issue with pay either.

Thanks for all the good information. I got the email today about BH sharing their shopper list asking me to sign up with them. Think I'll try it.
IDCCS sent me examples of how comments should be written for their shops and I've never had a bad report since. Love them. Think they go by North Fork now though.

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ICCDS is great! Pay ontime and rather simple reports.

I find a lot of their shops don't pay well ($12.00 for a purchase/return), but they're ok if you're doing a route...then they have great paying shops ($10.00 for a 2 minute phone call).

I had a run in with an editor once. I guess I put a "subjective" comment in...something along the lines of "the employee looked at me and turned away as I didn't fit the store's "target market" as she was happy to help all people who were in the target market" and the editor asked me to remove all my objective comments...well then, I'll just remove the whole narrative...

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I have been with both ICCDS and BH forever. I have no problems with either. I prefer ICCDS and do a lot more work for them. Always able to call and reach them and schedulers respond fast to email. They will work with you on bonuses and help with tolls. The shops at ICCDS are good route filler shops. Reports are quicker and easier than BH which are not that bad either.

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I have completed shops for both ICCDS and Beyond Hello and have had no problem. I used to do a lot for Beyond
Hello in my earlier days but since I signed up with a lot more companies, I have sort of forgotten them. I like
both MSCs and enjoyed completing some interesting shops.
I got an e-mail from them a few days ago. I am looking forward to doing some assignments with them.

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ICCDS is great. I have done several shops for them. I have never had a problem with payment, rescheduling and completing the shops. Good Luck
ICCDS is a very good company but strict as to doing their reports on time and well written. They are fair and listen to excuses if they are reasonable. I would not worry about them as they pay well and on time. If you need a good scheduler there, Claudia is super responsive. Witchmeadowdoc
Reasons, yes. Excuses, no.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
I love ICCDS. I get decent shops, good feedback and most importantly... I get paid! Good luck!
I love ICCDS. I get a reply from them fast when I need something!

Go for it. You won't regret it. smiling smiley
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