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When looking at jobs for MSI Services, it shows a pay range, such as $4 - $10. Is there a way to determine what the actual shop fee is for particular job before applying for it? I may be willing to do it for $10, but probably not for $4, and don't want to get myself assigned a job for a really low shop fee.

This is the first msc I've seen so far that has shop fees listed this way. Is this customary with other companies as well?

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Laura Jeanne,

Are you checking the website or going by the e-mail message? I agree the e-mails don’t tell me near enough and I am disappointed frequently when I get the details. But, there are a few that I find easy enough to justify the low fees from time to time.

If you check your “Request Project” page on their site, there is a column on the far left. It is labeled “Click for Program Info.”. The fees and a fair amount of details about the job will pop up in a window if you click on the job name.

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Thanks for the tip goldilox. I did go back to follow your instructions and the "pay per project" is "between $4 - $10". I think Nanabelle has sound advice in assuming the lowest.
Thanks for your info on pay per project. I know i,ve been offered projects for $10. per project and later offered $12. to do some jobs like <sandwich> stores.

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