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I know that this has been discussed before, but after going back through the list, my question has not been answered. So I am hoping that some one can do this for me.

I have (had) been working for Certified Field Associates for the past two years. Was very happy doing mostly merchandizing, for them. Like the two week pay period, easy jobs, ect. Could have been better pay, but something sometimes is better than nothing.
Any way to my problem. I was deactivated this past week. And I want to know if they will send me the pay that is coming to me for jobs done before this happened.

I had a job I was doing for them at the local grocery store when I had a heart attack(a very mild one, two day in the hosptial and then home). Because it happened at the store, I was taken by ambulance,so this is documented,had a friend go pick up my car. BIg mess.
Now CFA is stating that I did not complete the job (true I did not) and did not file the paper work with in their time frame, "we no longer need your services". What a crock. couldn't finish the job! Hell no, I could have died.

So any one who has been de-actatived, did you get all of your pay on the next pay period? They can keep the messely 12 bucks for the job I did not finish, but I would like to have the other $120.00 they owe me.
purrff in colorado who will never say another thing about CFA

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If they do not pay you I would definitely sue them for it. I assume that all work accomplished prior to the heart attack was acceptable and complete. Certainly a heart attack on the job being a reason for termination for not completing a job in time is indeed a crock, but should not penalize you for previous work. Each job we do is a separate contract. Each job needs to stand or fall on its own merits.
My gosh, purrff. I do hope your heart and health are mended! It is awful that you have to worry with past shops and payments due. I wish you a full recovery, and then, when willing and if neeeded, strength to take on CFA or others, in order to get what you earned.
This is the kind of behavior that earns MSC's a very poor reputation. Yes, maybe they had a deadline, and yes, maybe you made them miss it. But GEEZ! You were at the job. It's not like a sudden onslaught of a heart attack is like just deciding to no show/no call.

I doubt they would have a legal leg to stand on for not paying you for jobs already completed,

I wish you the best for a speedy recovery. :-)

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Thank you all for the well wishes. I am on the road to recovery, and hope to be able to get back to work (not with that company) in the next couple of days. I have a few shops lined up for next week. Will be a short month, but maybe this is a wake up call for me. "Must remember that I am only one person, with one body, and can only do so much." Can't do a killzion shops in one day, do the reports and attempt to function on coffee and two hours of sleep. If it was spring, I would say "stop and smell the roses!"
And there is always next month. In the past, Dec. has been a really good month for me. The mall is always looking for MS'ers durning the Christmas season. Don't understand it, but they seem to pay better during that time frame.
Purff, that is the most shocking story I have heard about MSing, that company is not worth the stress, move on, and I'm glad your o.k. my best to you!!
Never liked them anyway!!

Live consciously....
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Good luck to you, I think they will pay you!
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