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Secret shopper has some new shops in my area where you order from a particular restaurant for delivery. You have some ordering requirements such as an appetizer and a drink etc. There is a $10 fee stated for the job but no reimbursement stated. I have sent them an email asking if there is any reimbursement for the required purchases and delivery tip etc. but they have not responded yet. The fee itself does not seem to be enough to cover the items required to order. If anyone has accepted these shops I am wondering if the small fee is in partial reimbursement if we were planning on eating something from that restaurant anyway or if they will reimburse for your order as well as the fee?

Just now got my answer from them...there is only the $10 fee. No additional reimbursement.

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I have seen the shops you are talking about, and I have NOT taken any of them because a flat $10 is just not enough. Based on the way SS has previously posted dining shops, I believe that the $10 is total payment, with no reimbursement, regardless of how much you spend. I'll be surprised if you learn they are reimbursing the purchase and paying $10.
Austin mom you are correct. They did get back to me and tell me it is the fee alone. Truthfully I am kind of suprised anyone would take these shops but it does look like some of them are taken. The one place where I am familiar with the menu is not an inexpensive place and I am sure the small ordering requirement would cost over the $10 fee not to mention any sort of tip for the delivery person and even a possible delivery fee. Since I too am not interested in that I have not checked to see if there is a delivery fee as well. It seems it would be easier to just go over to the place and pick your food up and forget the report, the cost of ordering for delivery and the small fee.
I think there are a lot of shops where the idea is, "They're going to eat there/buy this/go there anyway so they'll be willing to write the report for $10." if it's a popular place to eat/shop/visit the MSC may have no trouble finding people willing to get paid to write a report about something they wanted to do anyway. If the MSC's had their 'druthers they would all be like that.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Yeah, in this case you need to not only want to eat there anyway but you need to live within 3 miles of the place and accept delivery including whatever fees there are. I did not see the intimate details of the job so I am not sure if you also need to cut your appetizer into 6 or 8 even pieces, turn two of them over and take a pic from a 90 degree angle.
I'd rather patronize my local Mom and Pop pizza place and get their 2 slices and a drink for $5 special.

The pizza is far superior with no report due afterwards.

Just sayin...

I saw those jobs and there are many in the area that I work in. They would be convenient to say the least but the $10 barely covers anything. I saw one place will only deliver if you order over $50. They really should reimburse you for the food.
It reminds me of a check cash shop. The instructions said a good way to get the fee if you needed the service anyway. Hmmm I can drive to the restaurant thank you very much.
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