Has anyone had a recent pizza shop rejected unfairly lately ?

Miffed and bewildered why a pizza shop was rejected. After doing many of shops during the past years a shop was rejected because "the picture was not correct." I say "BULL". Just wondering what percentage of shoppers jobs were rejected during this "pizza company cantract war."

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Can I ask which company that was for?

I've done dozens of the pizza shops, but only for two companies. I haven't done one yet for the last two companies that have recently picked them up. I have yet to have one returned. I could be wrong, but I think two of the companies have slightly different picture requirements.
Ahh, have not done a shop for them. Do you mean the slice n' dice pizza shops?

I don't know about their shops, but I did notice slightly different picture requirements between the two companies I shopped the same pizza place for. I had completed several for CoRI and had the picture requirements memorized. Then I did one for NSS and noticed their picture angles were a little different. I made a copy of the pictures and used that as a guide when doing the shop just to make sure I had them exactly how they wanted.
I recently had a pizza shop rejected based on a photo. When I asked what the problem was with the photo I did not receive a response. The interesting part is that the scheduler had called me to see if I could take the location and offered a bonus. I will be following up with this one because it just doesn't seem right when you follow the instructions and are provided no feedback to know what you might have done wrong, if anything. I have not had a shop rejected to date after a year of various assignments.

No Pizza for me!
I did a NSS one a few months ago that they claimed the picture was bad. When I protested they sent me a message with a picture from a previous shop they did. I guess they wanted me to photoshop the one I just did to match it. I told them that picture was a perfect portrayal of what it was and I would never do another shop for them, but they keep sending me offers. Most have bonuses attached and they even had a random drawing for $500 I think it was for someone who did a shop. I think the rejection was a scam, done to get out of paying the bonus.
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