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I'm still new to mystery shopping, but as far as I understand the company, they are a company that you pay to search for jobs. They do not pay you directly, nor are they a mystery shopping company themselves. They are similar to Jobslinger (if you are aware of that site), only they charge a fee to view and apply to certain jobs.

You can get around paying them by signing up with many companies directly. I found shadow shoppers initially when I started my hunt, but didn't like the idea of paying a fee. So after googling more, I found this forum and signed up with the majority of the companies that are positively discussed here. I do not pay shadow shopper to gather the info for me, I do the research myself.

Mostly, I believe the fee is to cover the convenience. But I'm sure someone more experienced can answer your question better than I can.

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I think they just scan mystery shops, and companies you maybe interested in. From what I get from the site they just filter shops for you. Instead of you searching there tons of shops they do it for you, and email shops your most interested in. I could be wrong I'm new too.
When I first started I signed up for their nearly useless free service. I received way too many emails about doing surveys and about signing up for the $4.95 service. Totally annoying. It took many attempts to extricate myself from their mailing list - unsubscribe did not work. I finally marked their emails as spam, and after about a week or so the email flood ended. Much better for me to use a combination of jobslinger and my own research.
That's what I figured after I looked the site over a little closer. Took a couple of the tests and when they said that you can make $40,000 a year doing mystery shops I decided to call Bull S*** on it. Next time I do my surfing for more work, will be after the cold medicine has gotten out of my system.
i have been getting HARASSING SCAM ADS...dozens every week...and often the same email every day--sometimes multiple times per day......

because of that I will not consider signing up..and an just canceling the free service altogther.
i remember hearing a while ago that someone tried to cancel the subscription..but the charges didn't stop...had to be reported as fraud to the credit card company
Not worth any money in my opinion, they aren't really an MSC, just a bulletin board. I was on their site a year ago and earned enough credits filling out surveys where I got a free month of their gold membership. There was nothing in there I hadn't seen before. When you go to their "job board," the shops listed there just tell you how to contact the MSC who actually has the shop, that's it. I wouldn't advise paying anything for Shadow Shopper, just go to the MSC websites and register as a shopper on your own.
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