Black Friday Mystery Shopping: Any Companies Doing It?

Has anyone come across any MSPs with shops listed for Black Friday? I am not asking for the business AND MSP name (I know that is not allowed), just the MSP name. I have not found any that have shops on that day.

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I think one would have to be insane to do a shop that day.. LOL. I don't think any store wants to have someone come in, then give a horrible report because someone nearly trampled them and then they stood in a line for 2 hours. smiling smiley

However, I did see that CFA had a merchandising assignment in my area for that morning restocking toys at 9 A.M. The assignment paid a grand total of $8.00. *snort* Are there actually fools who take jobs for $8.00 for an hour of getting trampled and pushed and shoved? I would do a shop the day after Thanksgiving if there was a hefty fee attached to it though.
If there are shops posted for that Friday, Saturday or Sunday at retailers, they are either a mistake or something highly specific that had best be bonused big time for fighting the crowds and the lines. I do have lunch shops for the Saturday and Sunday and my significant other has security work for Friday and Saturday nights while merchandisers come in to restock while manager and staff get some sleep.
I did see a couple last year, but I think they were shops where the person had flaked. In my opinion, what an unfair day it would be to MS retail employees; they will have their hands full and would not need the added pressure of being shopped in the craziness of that day,

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If, however, you were a company who wanted to know how your employees held up under pressure to see which ones remained calm and gracious in the face of mayhem, it could be a GREAT day to shop them.

Though judging from the pre-BF sales (and the response to them) and what I have seen for BF expected sales, BF may be just slightly busier than a normal day. I will drop by Home Depot to pick up 6" poinsettias at 99 cents as usual but overall am not likely to do much.
Got an email today offering a bonus for a shop that has to be done Friday. $5 bonus on a $7 office supply shop.

I kid you not. Don't everyone jump at oncesmiling smiley
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