Customer Service Profiles

Do any of you have experience with Customer Service Profiles?

I'm wondering, is there a maximum amount of bank shops you can do within a months time? Are you allowed to do more then 5 a month? I've tried contacting the scheduler, Joni, several times and haven't been able to get a response from her. I've signed up for several shops and haven't gotten them assigned. I haven't gotten any response to my emails either. Most of the companies I work with respond quickly. I'm assuming she's busy but some insight to the shops and the way they work would be greatly appreciated. I'm so used to deadlines, I naturally assume that all companies are in a hurry to get it done.

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The company is fine. Unfortunately Joni either doesn't reply or is sarcastic and snippy. I emailed her last on December 11, 2014 asking for her to either help me or direct me to someone who could help because of a weird situation with a shop. As of now she has never replied. Meanwhile I was paid for the same shop on January 12. It's unfortunate because Heidi with CSP scheduled before Summit and was responsive and nice.

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