For some reason I was deactivated by this company with a rating of 9 out of 10, I had done 25 shops for them mostly auto related. any idea why they would do this , is this their policy????

Happy Shopping to all.

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Hi bxb21,

Sounds like you had a shock.

This may have been an error. I would contact them to talk to them about it.

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@bxb21 wrote:

I would try again, using the excuse that the original email may still be floating through cyberspace. Who knows; maybe it is.

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That doesn't sound like Intellishop's normal operating procedures. It sounds like there's a mistake somewhere. I shop for them at least 5- 6 times per week since 2004 and they've always been more than fair and straight forward. Why don't you call instead of email? They get hundreds of emails per day from shoppers. It probably got over looked by accident.
I have an average rating of 8 and have performed a number of shops this year. I applied for a shop close to my home and never received a reply. I messaged via facebook and received a curt response stating my acct. deactivated because of an issue with a car shop a year ago. Does this sound sane?
I have now done over 100 shops for Intellishop and also mis-shopped on an auto sales assignment on my 35th shop. They still contact me. Did you send your email to the scheduler who directly assigned the shop to you? Perhaps they could follow up and give you more information or see if you could be reinstated. If your email went to a general inbox it could have been lost as the other posters here have suggested. I hope you get a response quickly.

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There are multiple IntelliShop schedulers out there. If you haven't received a response from the particular scheduler you typically worked with, have you tried to contact a different scheduler who can take a look at your account?

Personally, I find IntelliShop to be like any other reputable company. You work with them; they'll work with you. From my experiences with IntelliShop, it has always been a professional, pleasant experience to work with their schedulers and editors.

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