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Does anyone have any experience with their revealed gas station shops? I am signed up for two, but I get really nervous with reveal shops. Any input would be genuinely appreciated. Thanks!

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They are easy and the employees have been dealing with the shops forever as they're done nearly every month or so. The folks I've dealt with have all been great. Don't sweat it. Just take the required photo(s) and make the correct purchase.

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They are super easy and quick. I've found all of the employees to be helpful and have no problem with the reveal. Definitely jump in and get your feet wet!
The one closest to me is a nightmare. The clerk calls the owner every time. I let them talk for five minutes in Farsi about who knows what? Nothing is ever in compliance. I quit doing it.
Quick and easy. I have never had a problem with the employees when I do the reveal. I think once you do one your nervousness will be gone and you will happily take these shops when offered. The one problem I have is their limit because I wish I could do more.
Do not forget to get a receipt, sometimes you have to ask for it. Make sure you understand the purchase requirements. I take the picture after the reveal.

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