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Has anyone done one of these shops? I have done pharmacy shops for About Face with a higher reimbursement with or without the discount card. These shops have a $20 reimbursement using the discount card only. Just wondering if it's worth it.

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I have done some. It would be good to know the price of the Rx/medication before discount. Up to $20 reimbursed is not much if the Rx/medication will be costing you less with other discounts, including your store reward card. Because you can only use "their" discount card.

Ask your MD for a Rx for something needed but not life threatening, like a Rx for a blood pressure machine, it still have to be filled at the pharmacy. Some people can't afford a BP machine but with insurance and a Rx it does not cost as much as if you were purchasing it as an OTC. Orthotics prescriptions are good also. ByH is accessing how the Retail store processes the card. (As you can see, the ByH Client is not reimbursing the full cost, they would go bankruptgrinning smiley)
I have quite a few medications. Some cheap, some not so cheap, and some expensive. About Face is great for the not so cheap and Beyond Hello is best for the cheap. For me, yes very worth it, even though I have insurance. I think About Face has changed their requirement to now use the discount card. Initially it was not required and I was able to use my regular insurance.
I have done the pharmacy shop twice and they did not accept the card but I was still able to get a discount each time. I saved ten dollars on each prescription. Easy, and worth it, I think.
Walmart accepted my discount card. I called around to get prices using it at various pharmacies. Both CVS and Walgreen's quoted me prices cheaper than without the card.
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