Anyone do any recent audits for Mintel?

I've been shopping with Mintel since October and they have become one of my favorites to shop with.

Last weekend I did 16 photo audits for them and they have yet to be approved. My last audits for them were approved in less than two days. I reported these almost a week ago.

Has anyone else recently done any audits for them that took quite some time to get approved?

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My most recent work for them was done 11/17 and paid 12/2 by direct deposit. They show a 'processed' date of 11/30, but that is for the payment. I am not finding them at all slow on the payment, though I didn't track them to see when they were 'published'. I always figure that no news is good news smiling smiley
I guess no news can be good news. Just a little apprehensive that they all show awaiting approval when I submitted them a week ago.
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