MSI Services - EIN vs. SSN

Does anyone know why MSI wants an EIN instead of a SSN for their shoppers?

Do other companies require EIN's? This is the first time I've encountered this.

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It doesn't really matter much *why* they want it. If you want to shop for them you need one. There's nothing nefarious about it. Go to the New Mystery Shoppers section and read the thread on taxes for more information on the subject.

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This company, every few years, requires shoppers to submit a new W-9. I just submit my ss on the W-9.

EIN - is basically a businesses social security number. Don't worry about it and just use your own ss.
You are using your SSN because you were grandfathered in. For a couple of years new shoppers have no other option than an EIN. As of now Trendsource is the only company requiring one.

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People who file a schedule C *are* in business and can get an EIN. It stands in as a redirect to their SSN for tax purposes. You don't have to have one to file a schedule C, but you can get one and it doesn't cost anything. Trendsource happens to require it, maybe because they see people with an EIN as being more committed to their business than people who don't. We don't really know why they want it. But if you want to work for them, you need it.

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I recently received the message (when I log in) telling me to provide both an EIN number and my SS number with a W-9.

I emailed them and they said to just provide the W-9, no EIN number was mandatory. Maybe the person gave me wrong information or I misunderstood it.
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