Intellishop synthetic oil changes

Has anyone done a synthetic oil change where the reimbursement is stated at $25, but the shop description says you will be reimbursed the actual amount it costs, even if it is more than $25?

I did one earlier in the week and I just got my evaluation score from the editor, but the shop fee is still listed at $25. Do I need to be worried that it doesn't reflect the higher amount, or will they change it when they send the payment?


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The last oil change shop I did ended up being higher than the stated fee as well, but a promise to reimburse actual cost just like this. However, mine was with a different company. I DID get reimbursed for what was on the actual receipt, but if you have any questions at all I always recommend you ask.

BTW, I don't know if you're aware or not, but there are a lot of other MSCs who have oil change shops and some pay a lot better than Intellishop - for future reference. I made a bundle on my last one. winking smiley

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
Thanks LJ.

I've done the Confero, Service Slueth and Bestmark oil changes. I've made a few bucks with Confero bonuses and the Bestmark shop paid a pretty decent fee, but I thought their shop was more of a pain so I stopped doing it.

This was my first Intellishop oil change and the only reason I did it was because the next Confero shop couldn't be done until April and I needed an oil change now and didn't want to drive around for 3 weeks with the oil reminder light on. It had been well over 6,000 miles.

By the way, when your oil change went over the reimbursement amount, when did they adjust the reimbursement amount on your shopper log? When the shop was edited, or not until they sent the payment?

It was after they processed the payment, but again, it wasn't Intellishop. I'm thinking it was BestMark off-hand.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
I've done a different Intellishop vehicle shop. I did 2 last month. One was over the reimbursement though it said they would cover it all, and one was under. I was worried as the over didn't change and the under changed quickly. I emailed and was told they change them in batches.

When I saw my payment was processing I reached out again. I was told the computer system automatically changes shops under the fee, they have to manually change those over the fee. I couldn't decide if I had been missed or not as they then went and changed it, but it gave me an explanation of what happens and to not panic immediately even when your shop has been reviewed and is good to go.
I've done Intellishop oil changes often and have experienced the same situation. The shop always lists the low amount ($20 or whatever the reimbursement amount is/was) until it's actually paid, and then it shows the amount I actually paid. My vehicle requires synthetic so the oil changes cost around $50 and I've always gotten the whole amount reimbursed.
Thanks Clam (and everyone else).

I did email the scheduler (haven't heard back) but I'm not going to worry about it based on Clam's report.
Have done three and they have always paid me what the actual cost was. Plus a couple of bonuses.
I've only done one of their oil change shops, and asked for the synthetic oil because I space out when it comes to doing this chore. It was a bonused shop that hadn't specified the syntec, so I'm not sure. The bonus covered the difference and left me with money in my pocket.
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