Beyond Hello Alert Message?

So I went to self assign a few phone shops, and this is the message that I received...

Note: Your home postal code is approximately ***** miles away from this location's postal code.
You have been assigned this shop, but as a precaution against fraud, an alert has been sent to Beyond Hello.

I know it says I have been assigned the shop, but will it affect my shop at all or my payment? I guess I dont understand the Fraud part? I have done MANY shops for beyond hello...

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Ok, hmm, ive just never seen that before! Ok thanks for letting me know!
How many miles away were you? I routinely shop 100+ miles from my house and have never seen that message.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Well they were all phone shops, but they were all scattered.. anywhere from 20 to 300 miles. Ive done stuff like this for intellishop phone shops from everywhere and havent seen it there so I really have no idea why I received this message.
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