Site down for Intellishop?

Is anyone else having a problem submitting reports to Intellishop? I did a phone shop yesterday and completed the report except for the last question where they want to know if I received a follow-up call within 3 days. The client's consultant called this morning, so I was all set to pop in a Yes and submit. Each time I try, it clears my answer and moves to the screen telling me I still have one OOPS. When I ask to jump to the first OOPS, I get the same thing over and over. I've tried submitting on two different computers, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with their system.

I've e-mailed the scheduler from both computers with the same details as here but haven't heard back.

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It might be that the system will not allow you to update that part of the report until the 3 days have elapsed.
That is correct. Regardless of when the client responds it will only allow you to finalize after the required time frame. Just make a note and do at that time, that is what I do.
Duh. I'm such an idiot! It shows in red print next to the question that you can't answer it for 72 hours. I've done these same shops before and thought I remembered inputting the follow-up answer and submitting as soon as I got the call. Guess not. Thanks for the posts. Sorry to be a pain.
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