TrendSource website down?

Is anyone else having problems accessing their site? I haven't been on for a few days. Was there a scheduled maintainence announcement recently? I get a broken link error every time I try it.

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It appears it is down:


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There was a note this morning that it would be down a few hours for scheduled maintenance.

I think it was from 11 AM-1Pm PST
Is anyone else having problems with their site now? I'm tying to login and submit a report & can't access the site.
Heading there in a moment. The last few days, I have had to be constantly logging in. Anything I clicked to move through the assignment process I had to log in again.
I can't get on the site either. Does anyone have an e-mail contact. I want to show I made the effort to get the report in today.

At least that is who most frequently seems to send me emails. You might check the address that sent you any email for your current job.
Thanks Flash!

I was actually able to dig through and find it, though I didn't seem to have any current e-mails.

I sent them a message. Hopefully they will be patient as I can't get in yet, but have tried about once an hour for the last few hours.
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