Intellishop's Pizza Shops (receipt form)

Ok, I've done 4 of these shops, and each time I've received a score of 9. The explanation states that they had to do some "minor editing" on the receipt page.

I've looked over their sample page and I'm filling in the form exactly as specified. Is anyone else running into this? I don't mind getting a 9, I'm just curious as to what I'm doing wrong. And of course they don't respond when you inquire.

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You've done nothing wrong smiling smiley They are notorious for correcting and correcting...and sometimes you don't get a 10, they lower you to a deserved a 10! smiling smiley
I would not stress, I do these and sometimes I get 10s sometimes I get 9s. I have never really asked why, as long as I get my payment I dont care to much about the grade. My feedback ALWAYS says minor editing also, so who knows. Lol
I've had the same issue with this company, and these shops particularly. In one instance, the comments section states "Thank you for your report. A score of 10 has been given. Thanks again!" And in the shop rating itself, I was given an 8/10. My average with them has always been a 9. I don't think it's prevented me from getting any assignments, so I just let them have their weird, weird fun.
I've had the same experience as Mundai. I have been with them longer than any other company and have always maintained a 9 rating. I personally think they give lower scores sometimes just to keep the average ratings no higher than 9 because I've had reports with 6/10 and 7/10 ratings with no explination what so ever. I still get whatever shops I apply for. I have never questioned a 6/10 or 7/10 because like newmom as long as I get paid I don't really care that much. If it caused me to not get shops or something like that I would question it but, as of now, it hasn't that I can tell.
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