Some of you have made comments in the past that you avoid the Christmas season when doing mystery shopping. Would you please let me know within which dates you don't shop? Are there certain types of stores that you avoid longer than the others? Does this extend through the returns period after Christmas? Also, although I've shopped for years, until this year, I have not done it full-time like I am now. So I don't know whether companies have much mystery shopping in December. Does the availability stay the same as in previous months? One of my companies has commented about Thanksgiving, saying that they want all their shops done before that holiday.

Thanks a bunch.

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I don't remember about 2005 but December of 2006 I was very busy. I had a lot of shops and a lot of different companies. I think it was mainly the first two weeks in December, though. The last two weeks were not as busy. I did have a few bonused shops that no one else had picked up at the end of the month but that was all.
I just started shopping in 2006. December was my busiest month. I received $565 for shops I did in December. And one company I shopped for pays within a few weeks,so my actual December receipts were higher than that. I do remember they did have specific dates to have them done by, but each company is different. Some of the retail shops were even weekly to make sure the employees were providing the best service to the customers during the busy time.

good luck!
I personally haven't noted any difference in the availabilty of shops, but some shops do want a purchase and return anyways...
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