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Since service check dropped [client name deleted] I've been looking for any other company who might have picked them up; anybody know?

Or any other companies that have a lot of grocery shops (Sprouts, Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joe's,Nob Hill, Raleys, other natural stores?) I'm in CA.

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The grocery shops previously offered by Service Check have ceased using mystery shoppers in order to save money. They are doing a customer questionnaire on their cash register tapes instead.
Try going to and check their "get paid to shop" site. Also, if you're not yet signed up with Shadow Shoppers, I have found their $5/30 day trial worth it. They have free memberships, but that showed I had 558 available shops in my area, what the shops paid, and basically everything but the company listing the shop. Once I paid for 30 days I found the shops I wanted (available changed to 615), and now am signed up with over 100 companies nationwide, in just 2 days. My husband and I are planning a cross-country trip mostly paid for by shops.

*I keep all my information in emails and word documents, so when I'm asked for a recent writing sample, references, or my experience, all I do is "COPY" "PASTE" DONE!*

*I have a PayPal business account. They charge a bit when money is sent to you, but you get a PayPal business debit card that gives 1% back on credit purchases (not using a PIN-if asked I say I don't have one, so they have to run it as credit), and what's not in the PP account can be withdrawn form your bank account (no charge for this). You can also get a generous daily limit, even if you don't have the PayPal funds. It will be taken from your bank account or assigned charge card. This has helped me earn 1% more on my shops, and it gives me 3 days before the funds come out of my bank. This helps me not have to wait for refunds on "buy/return" shops- the return funds show up about the time the purchase reaches my bank.*

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!!
I'm signed up with hundreds of companies. I'm just trying to find a way that's a little more efficient, to find grocery shops, since that's what I like most. I've found that most businesses that drop one MSC later pop up on another one.

I did sign up for shadow shopper when I first started a few years ago... I found it helpful as well. I might try it again, or i'll just keep signing up for new companies willy nilly. winking smiley

Thanks for the responses!

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I turn down lots of grocery shop offers so the clients and jobs are out there. If you are signed up with hundreds of MSCs, I have no idea why you are not seeing the shops.
I do some, but there are only certain ones I want to do. I'm looking for more companies that have those specifically. Any you can recommend? I prefer higher-end or natural grocery stores that are located in northern california. if you've seen those can you recommend a few companies? I might already be shopping for them or be turning them down myself; i'm looking for more.
If you're looking for NorCal grocery shops, Summit Scheduling recently picked up a large chain based in Sacramento (hint, hint) that has stores from the Bay Area to OR & NV borders. Easy 20 min shops & reports. Pay is $14. Good route potential from Sac up I-5 to Redding. Good Luck!
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