Beyond Hello; Haven't been paid yet

Hi I'm new to all of this. Did 3 shops with all-10 ratings. 2 of them were last month and one was before the supposed July 15th payment date. Any way to get in touch with them or should I wait a little?

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I did a couple for them this month, so of course I haven't been paid yet. I want to keep track of how it goes for you. Good luck!
You may need to wait a little. They pay the 15th of the following month by PayPal for shops reviewed before the end of the month. I was paid on 7/15 for a shop I did June 13th. Shops done last month were paid July 15th only if they were reviewed before the cut-off period. What days exactly did you do your shops?
Jay C makes a good point. New shoppers need to realize that your actual shop date is not when the payment clock starts ticking. Only after an editor reviews the report and accepts it will it be considered completed to continue on to the payment process. Sometimes you get lucky and just squeak it in; other times you just miss the cutoff point and have to wait another 30 days or so.
I received a nice Paypal deposit on 7/15. Payment for July shops from Mystery Researchers, Beyond Hello and Insula Research. So, you should receive it all together, one big Paypal payment.
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